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Phillips & Tate

    Founded in Stockholm in 2014, Phillips & Tate is an independent advertising and business strategy agency dedicated to enhancing the businesses of our clients through a creative and intelligent approach.

    At Phillips & Tate we aim to stand out for our professionalism, perfectly blended with an imaginative and flexible vision that draws inspiration from the rich and diverse array of cultures, talents and backgrounds we have gathered together at our agency. We bring together the best of Swedish graphic designers, English-speaking copywriters, as well as marketing strategists who are as comfortable in the great new emerging markets of the world as they are here in Scandinavia or in the Anglosphere.

    We are a small, tight-knit group of creatives, designers, strategists and marketing experts with a dynamic, diverse and open approach and vision, committed to providing the best, broadest and most far-reaching service to enhance the businesses of our clients. We want our clients to benefit from our considerable range of expertise, with the resources and talent base of a big company, but without the overheads and the complex infrastructure.

    Phillips & Tate offers the breadth and depth of a big agency, but with the flexibility, agility and energy of a small one, offering a cost-effective service to our clients that is scaled to their particular needs.

    Give us a call. We look forward to showing you how your success is our business.

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    Ort: Stockholm
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    Webbplats: http://www.phillipsandtate.se/
    Telefon: 070-728 88 53
    E-post: info@phillipsandtate.se
    Antal anställda: 1-10
    Startades år: 2014