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Pentagram Film AB

    A pentagram contains a range of meanings, it for instance signifies the five elements and the beauty of life. The pentagram is built on the golden ratio which inspired Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras and numerous of other visionaries and artists, throughout time. We are a pentagram, driven by the variety that comes from the world of movies. We master all the elements necessary for the creative process, which we believe is the key to a successful production.

    Pentagram Film’s founders, Philip da Silva and Gustav Stern, have a somewhat diverse background. Philip has since the early 21st century worked as a director and screenwriter under the pseudonym Pentagram Film. Gustav worked a couple of years as head of employer branding at PwC Sweden. In early spring of 2015 the company that we know today was founded. A new, completely unexpected and explosive constellation, where the symbiosis of our range of experiences, ensures a production of the highest quality. Guaranteeing an awesome outcome to a competitive price.

    Enough with the bull shit … we like what we do, we do it well, and we have fun while doing it.

    Adress: Danderydsgatan 12
    Postnummer: 11426
    Ort: Stockholm
    Karta: Se på karta
    Webbplats: http://www.pentagramfilm.se
    Telefon: 0709482028
    E-post: hello@pentagramfilm.se
    Antal anställda: 1-10
    Startades år: 2015