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Identity Works AB

    At IW we are all about brand development. What does that mean? It means we believe in offering our clients more than superficial or surface design solutions, it means we believe in building and nurturing strong, lasting brands. To help us achieve this we’ve assembled an array of talent from the worlds of brand strategy, graphic design, digital design, industrial design, innovation and business analysis.

    Adress: Kungsgatan 34
    Postnummer: 111 35 Stockholm
    Ort: Stockholm
    Karta: Se på karta
    Webbplats: http://www.identityworks.se
    Telefon: 08-506 360 00
    E-post: bjarne@identityworks.se
    Antal anställda: 21-50
    Startades år: 1992
    Årlig omsättning: 50 MSEK